Coffee Advice from the Morning Thing: What You Might Be Doing Wrong

We get it, mornings are hard. Few know better than us the struggles of getting up when your body cries for more sleep. Fortunately, God- in His infinite mercies- provided humanity with a means of waking up when we can’t do it alone: Coffee.

That’s right, the true ambrosia, the true nectar of heaven, the one readily accessible to humans for an only slightly overpriced fee can perform wonders on even the most sleep-deprived morning zombie. As it turns out though, there are more than a few things that even the veteran brewer may not be aware of when it comes to selecting, brewing, and storing that most precious of morning resources. That’s why we, The Morning Thing, decided to share a few tips and tricks from Jeremy Challender- co-director of Prufrock Coffee, head judge of the UK Barista Championship (that’s a thing?) and an authorized Specialty Coffee Association of Europe trainer (that’s a thing too?). Safe to say that this guy knows his stuff.

So if you are interested in increasing your know-how to make your mornings easier, better, and tastier you can check out all of the advice that Jeremy has right here.

Also we want to remind you that this is National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child. So if you have a shoebox ready be sure to get it to Brandon Baptist Church (13513 Sycamore Road in Mount Vernon) or NewLife Community Church (9955 State Route 95 in Fredericktown). You can get more information about the local collections for Operation Christmas Child here.


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