Thanksgiving, Food for the Hungry, and Operation Christmas Child… OH MY!

It was a busy morning on The Morning Thing!

With Thanksgiving coming up everyone is preparing to celebrate their many blessings with family and friends. Are you hosting the celebration this year? We talked about preparing your thanksgiving meal and how much food you actually need for your guests.
Click HERE for dinner prep tips!
Plus, we found 10 great Thanksgiving movies to watch after the big meal!
For the complete list click HERE!



We also had the opportunity to talk with Mike Petee about the Chautauqua Foodstock.

To hear our complete conversation with Mike click HERE!
The Chautauqua Foodstock is December 4th 7:00-9:00PM. For more information on how you can get involved in Food for the Hungry check out their website!


Plus, its national OCC collection week! There are two different drop off locations in Knox County for Operation Christmas Child show boxes.

NewLife Community Church – 9955 State Route 95 in Fredericktown (the church is located at the corner of State Route 95 and State Route 13).
Wednesday, November 18 — 5om – 7pm
Thursday, November 19 — 9am – 11am
Friday, November 20 — 9am – 11am
Saturday, November 21 — 9am – 11am
Sunday, November 22 — 2pm – 4pm
Monday, November 23 — 9am – 11am

Brandon Baptist Church — 13513 Sycamore Road in Mount Vernon
Wednesday, November 18 — 3pm – 5pm
Thursday, November 19 — 10am – 12pm
Friday, November 20 — 10am – 12pm
Saturday, November 21 — 10am – 12pm
Sunday, November 22 — 1pm – 4:30pm
Monday, November 23 — 9am – 11am

From more information on Operation Christmas Child go to their website!


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