The Negative Effects of Screen Time on Kids, Knox Needs, and Operation Christmas Child

In today’s day and age electronics are everywhere. They are unavoidable. We have them in our pockets. We have them in our cars. We have them in multiple rooms of our homes. Let’s face it- electronics are a big part of our life and they are here to stay. But as you might have guessed, there are some downsides to the convenience and entertainment that electronics have to offer, especially for kids. Their developing brains can really be thrown off by the effects of electronic screen time. An article that we shared from Psychology Today recommended the occasional fast in order to help them reset their systems. You can check out that article and get the list of negative effects of screen time and benefits of taking a fast here.

We also chatted with Catie Hayes about MVNU’s partnership with Food For the Hungry, Knox Needs. She shared with us all about what campus is doing and how the community can get involved. You can hear the entire conversation here.

In addition to local outreaches, we took the opportunity to share about Operation Christmas Child. After all, this is National Collection Week! It’s not too late to put together a shoebox and drop it off at one of the many collection points. You can get all kinds of information about OCC here.

And if you are interested in learning why the Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year is 😂 instead of a real word, you can find that out here. Seriously, 😂 is not a word! It’s an emoji! I’m telling you, pretty soon we are going to revert back to communicating via hieroglyphics… And there’s only one way to react to that: 😂


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