Clergy Appreciation Month wraps up with winners on WNZR!

clergy appreciation month-01

We announced our 5 final winning pastors for Clergy Appreciation Month.
Congratulations to these pastors! They each win a $20 gift certificate to Jake’s Restaurant plus the Kyle Idleman book “Aha – The God Moment That Changes Everything”.

Congratulations to:

Pastor Andy Loos from Liberty Church in Howard.
Brendan Dube nominated Andy. Here is what Brendan told us about Pastor Loos.
Brendan loves her pastor because he truly exemplifies what it means be to a vessel for the Lord. Along with his wife, Jennifer, he is so giving of himself and his time. He goes out of his way to minister to others. He is very family orientated with his own family and church family. Both he and his wife have a heart after the Lord and for the things of God. Pastor Andy doesn’t sugar-coat the Gospel, but does preach in love. When you ask him his opinion regarding a situation, he will take you to the Word and see what it has to say about it, and discuss it further with you. That is important to me in my walk with Christ. Those are just a few reasons why I love my pastor.
Jonathan also nominated Andy. Here is what Jonathan told us about Pastor Loos.
Pastor Loos was there for me when I was at the lowest part of my life. My family was falling apart, I was heading for a nasty divorce, my kids were being taken from me and I almost went to jail. I called my Pastor and he answered. He didn’t look down me. He prayed with me and told me what the word of God said and counseled me and my wife. With God’s help and healing, we are still married today with three wonderful children. We are serving God together and that is why I love my pastor. We are truly blessed by God for our Pastor and his will to serve people.

Pastor Justin Meier from Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon.
Heather nominated Justin. Here is what Heather told us about Pastor Meier.
I love my pastor for many reasons, but at the top of my list is his love for the congregation. Although he works 40+ hours at his secular job, he still makes time for each of them. His love for the ministry is overflowing and he has such a deep desire to reach others with the love of Christ and the gospel. His stand for the truth is much appreciated! He doesn’t compromise the Word and stands firm but does it with such love. Our pastor is easy to talk to and immediately makes everyone feel like they’ve known him forever and that they could talk to him about anything… We love our pastor!

Pastor Greg Weyrich from Vineyard Church of Knox County in Mount Vernon .
Amy Hudson nominated Greg. Here is what Amy told us about Pastor Weyrich.
Pastor Weyrich is a man with a heart for Christ. He has a desire for finding his place in God’s story while leading his congregation to do the same. His passion for knowing Jesus and making Him known is evident not only through his messages on Sundays but through who he is as a person. Greg is not only a wonderful pastor; he is a great teacher and friend. I am grateful to God for placing Greg at VCKC as our Pastor!

Pastor Gavin Cole from Apostolic Christian Church in Mount Vernon .
Daniel Hamman nominated Gavin. Here is what Daniel told us about Pastor Cole.
Pastor Cole is the new youth pastor at ACC. He is a phenomenal addition for our church youth. He has a passion and dedication to serve God through ministering to the youth of our church and our community.

Pastor Russ Gumm from First Church of the Nazarene in Mount Vernon.
Jan Taylor nominated Russ. Here is what Jan told us about Pastor Gumm.
Pastor Russ Gumm truly has the heart of a caring pastor! He values each member of his congregation, warmly showing them they are special – in his eyes AND in God’s eyes. Pastor Gumm leads his flock toward The Shepherd through his biblical messages and his intercessory prayer. He is visionary, dedicated, and, most of all; he loves God with all that is in him! I am proud to call him my pastor!
Denise Parks also nominated Russ. Here is what Denise told us about Pastor Gumm.
Pastor Gumm comes each Sunday excited to share God’s word! He loves his people and cares for them! He was there for me when I lost my mom; traveling 2 hours to attend her service. Pastor’s prayers for us during the service are from his heart. I appreciate my pastor!

Congratulations to these pastors.
All nominated pastors were entered into a grand prize drawing.
Congratulations to Pastor Fred Shoemaker, our grand prize winner!
He pastors 2 churches – the Seventh Day Adventist Church on South Edgewood Road in Mount Vernon and Mount Vernon Hill 7th Day Adventist Church on Wooster Road. Pastor Shoemaker wins an overnight stay at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel!


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