A Conversation with Colton Dixon and Back to the Future Day!

We’ve been talking a lot about the “This is Not a Test Tour,” mostly because of our “Feel It, Film It”contest where you can win tickets. But today on the show we wanted to focus on one of the performers in particular- Colton Dixon. We shared a conversation that Jessica Wells from the Afternoon Drive had with Colton. He talked about the tour, his recent engagement, his latest album, and more. You can hear the entire conversation here.

Today is also a special day in history- October 21, 2015. Why is it special? because today is the day that Marty McFly is supposed to make an appearance. That’s right, in the classic film from the 80s Marty and Doc travel to the futuristic year 2015. In honor of that we took a look at what the film’s prediction hits and misses were. Surprisingly, they got a decent amount right to some degree. You can check out the list here. Also, if you run into Marty McFly let me know. I’d love the chance to hitch a ride in the DeLorean…

And if you want to check out the crazy stories that we shared today just check out these links:

Burglar breaks in to the home of a woman trained in Medieval combat.

A guy bought Google for one minute… for twelve dollars.


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