Happy Columbus DAY! The Morning Thing 10/12/15

Happy Monday from The Morning Thing team!
It’s Columbus Day, so go exploring. The weather is beautiful. Today is a perfect day for you to do a music video!! 🙂

feel it film it-01

We kicked off the Feel It, Film It Contest!}
Would you like to go see TobyMac on Sunday, October 25th in Columbus?
GREAT NEWS! WNZR is hosting The Feel It, Film It Contest!
Submit a 30 second video and see TobyMac live in concert at the Nationwide Arena!

We are handing out ten tickets to see TobyMac on October 25th and have devised an ingenious contest! We love Toby’s music and we know you do, too. So let’s see what you think of his new song, Feel It… Literally!

You can win in one of the 5 following categories:

  1. People’s Choice
  2. Best Dance Moves
  3. Best WNZR Product Placement
  4. Most Humorous
  5. Most Colorful

Click HERE to see the rules!

We also talked about headaches!
Click HERE to see a chart detailing the 5 types of headaches. There is also great information on how to feel better NOW and a prevention plan.

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