PTLIF – Praise the Lord it’s FRIDAY!!! The Morning Thing 10/9/15

Today was a packed show – full of winners, great music, 3 NEW song debuts and great information on fire prevention and Starting Point.

clergy appreciation month-01

We announced 5 winning pastors for Clergy Appreciation Month.
Congratulations to these pastors! They each win a $20 gift certificate to the Southside Diner plus the Kyle Idleman book “Aha – The God Moment That Changes Everything”.
Congratulations to:
Pastor Roger Tickle from Grace Community Church in Mount Vernon.
Ciera Woods nominated Roger. Here is what Ciera told us about Pastor Tickle.
I love Pastor Roger because he is one of us. He doesn’t put himself higher than the rest of the leadership team, or our congregation. He is a human who makes mistakes, lives life and trys his best to be God’s hands and feet. He has a very kind heart towards others, always putting their needs before his. He is hard working and is very very loved by our church. 

Pastor Tim Overly from Covenant Christian Church of God in Mount Vernon. Angi Davidson nominated Tim. Here is what Angi told us about Pastor Overly.
If I was to use just one word to describe him, it would be LOVE. If you have already met this Pastor, I’m sure you will agree with me. He strives to serve others, and has a goal to connect people to Christ. You won’t just find him behind the pulpit..he may be in our food pantry serving, on our public square praying, in the ditches mowing, or even in his office holding the hand of a parishioner who just lost a loved one. He will stop at nothing to share God’s love with others, and I’m proud that he’s my Pastor, My Friend, My Brother.

Pastor Warren Outhwaite from Mulberry Street United Methodist Church in Mount Vernon.
Samantha Blanton nominated Warren. Here is what Samantha told us about Pastor Outhwaite.
I love my pastor because it is because of both him and God that I am majoring in Pastoral Ministry to be a full time minister.

Pastor Chuck Hagey from Journey Church of Howard. 
Todd Stephens and Danielle Pantalone nominated Chuck. Here is what Todd told us about Pastor Hagey. He represents Christ well and makes you desire to be closer to God.
Here is what Danielle told us about Pastor Hagey. I just moved back from Nevada and went to the church my brothers attended. He has a true heart for God and is very sincere.

Pastor Richard Hite from the Church on the Rise in Mount Vernon.
We had several nominations for Pastor Hite.
Sierra Stimens told us that she loves Pastor Hite. I love my pastor because he is a great preacher and teacher. Also, he is so wise and teaches us teens in a way that we truly live out our faith loudly and he has taught us to be bold in school and not be ashamed of the gospel. He loves the Lord and shows it in so many ways. All the youth love him and can’t wait for church each week.
Tysha Hoskins told us that Pastor Hite truly is a man that seeks after the Lord, in everything that he does. He does nothing without first seeking scriptures and prayer. He truly is a man that stands behind EVERY word of the bible, he truly is a living sermon. I know that a lot of people in the church never get to see all that he does for others or even know the sacrifices he and his whole family make for the church, but we know that he is a genuine man of his word. One day of appreciation is not enough, nor is this little writing adequate, but these words are heartfelt signs of mine and the congregations’ gratitude for his service
Richard’s wife Jeanne Hite had some wonderful comments about her husband.
Well, #1, I love him because he is my husband and we have been married for around 40 years. He was called into the ministry in 1998 and has been serving the Lord since he was around 20 years old. He is a dynamic preacher with a heart for God. He has been given a vision to help stamp out hunger in the community and works hard to keep a very thriving food pantry alive. He also reaches out to so many wherever he goes to try to reach others for Christ. Many people who were unchurched have found a home in our church and have joined us in helping to reach out to those who are homebound, in nursing homes, jails, prisons, wherever the Lord tells him to go. He just retired early this year and is now able to devote 100% to the ministry. He loves the community and loves helping others. Even though he struggles physically with diabetes contracted from Agent Orange in Vietnam, he still works tirelessly to serve others.

Congratulations to these pastors. Nominate YOUR pastor today by clicking HERE.
Remember that all nominated pastors will be entered into a grand prize drawing for an overnight stay at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel.


We wrapped up our week-long focus on Starting Point today.
We shared a conversation with Sheri Tharp about her position as an RUC (Relationships Under Construction) Coordinator. Click HERE to hear the conversation about how educating teens on healthy relationships is vital to the ministry of Starting Point.

fire prevention week

We also shared some eye-opening fast facts for Fire Prevention Day.
Click HERE to find out how important it is to have an escape plan and working smoke detectors for your house and family.


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