“I’ll Stop Procrastinating!… Tomorrow.” No! Do it today!

Procrastination. For some of us there is nothing sweeter than the bliss of relaxing while calming saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Except perhaps for the sense of relief that comes after finishing a frenzied nightmare of last-minute-panic-induced work. The fact is, it can be way too easy to procrastinate. Trust me, I know. While you may still get things done this way, it is not the bast plan of attack. That’s why we took a look this morning at ways to stop procrastinating right now. Not tomorrow, not this afternoon, now. You can check out the complete list here.

We also shared some tips on how to get started with prayer when you might not be sure what to pray for. You can check out all the tips that we shared right here.

And don’t forget to come to DOG-TOBERFEST this Friday! You can find all the info on our website.


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