PTLIF – Praise the Lord it’s FRIDAY! The Morning Thing 9/25/15

We wrapped up Sonfest Week today on The Morning Thing.
Don’t forget to check WNZR’s social media sites today for the final hints to find “Where in the World is Colton Dixon”?!

Today, we talked with Alec Barnhart from the group Wyndsor.
WyndsorClick HERE to hear the conversation and get to know this band before you see them on stage at Sonfest tomorrow!

We also wrapped up our features with the cast of Aladdin Junior. The MTVArts production opens tonight at 7:30pm at Memorial Theater. There is also a 2pm matinee tomorrow.
Click HERE to hear Mark Fongheiser talk about playing the lead character, Aladdin.
Click HERE to hear Andrew Ruckman talk about playing the villain Jafar.

MT headshot
Today, The Morning Thing team shared a special Fave 5 – our 5 favorite concert memories.
Click on the Names to hear about these amazing memories.
Jenna Potts
Aubrey Bailey
Wesley Boston
Marcy Rinehart DC Talk memory
Marcy Rinehart Petra memory


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