Grandparents’ Day is this weekend!- The Morning Thing 9/11/15

There is nothing quite like a grandparent, is there? They are a special set of people and they definitely deserve recognition. That’s why the Morning Thing is choosing to support Grandparents’ Day, which is this Sunday the 13th. If you want to learn about the history of the special day or the organizations involved with it, you can check out the official website-

In honor of Grandparents’ Day we decided to make our Fave Five about our favorite memories of our grandparents.

-Guest host Jessica Wells loved how her grandma would take her out on one-on-one dates to things such as movies and build-a-bear and she always enjoyed those times.

-Jenna Potts can’t pick just one specific memory. From family vacations, Christmases, birthdays, in her graduation her grandparents have always been there for her. Their love and guidance is something she has always treasured. No matter what is going on in her life her grandparents are there to give her a hug and encourage her. She loves hearing stories of their mischievous childhood and young adult years. They inspire her in everything they do.

-Wesley has many good memories of all his grandparents: spending the night at their house, eating cookies, trips to the zoo… But his favorite memory was a time when he was old enough to know that his grandparents wouldn’t always be around and so in an attempt to get to know them as well as possible he asked them how they met. Hearing the story of a blind date and laughing at their fun adventures is something he cherishes.

-Marcy has lost both sets of grandparents, so it is hard for her to pick just one memory. What she does remember, and will always remember, is the incredible spiritual heritage that she received from Grandma and Grandpa Street and Grandma and Grandpa Miller. Whenever she would visit their houses they would spend time reading the Bible and praying together as a family. Her grandpa Miller had four generations that he prayed for every single day. He would pray for his children, their children, their children, etc. She truly believes that she knows Jesus today because of her grandparents and their decision to follow Him in their lives.

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