Crazy But True- #DeadRaccoonTO, Chocolate Lobsters, and a Woman trading her house for Dessert!

The world is a strange place. It is full of oddities and today on the Morning Thing we decided to take a look at some of these. So if you are feeling like the world is a place in terrible shape, read these stories and feel encouraged knowing that there are people out there with a sense of humor…

Story 1: #DeadRaccoonTO

I’ve always heard that Canadians are a nice lot, and the touching story of DeadRaccoonTO proves it. What began as a dead raccoon on the sidewalk that was not being picked up by animal services turned into a memorial fit for a king, with passers-by leaving flowers and notes in loving memory of the poor animal. Yes, there is a hashtag. And yes, DeadRaccoonTO has his own Twitter account. You can check out the entire story through a hilarious series of tweets right HERE.

Story 2: The Chocolate Lobster.

I don’t mean just any chocolate lobster. I mean a 418.1 Pound, 90.5 inch, world record breaking chocolate lobster. In honor of their 100th anniversary Haven’s Candies of Maine decided to take on a rather large feat. You can see “Shelby” on display until October 22. You can find the whole story HERE.

Story 3: The Dessert Competition…. For a House.

That’s right, a Californian woman is holding a dessert competition and the winner receives her house. This is no small shack either- it’s a 1906, restored, 2267 square foot, four bedroom, two bathroom home valued at $390,000. Unfortunately the deadline for entering has passed, but we can still eagerly await the results. You can check out the story HERE.

Bonus: The Brilliant PTA Letter

Helping your child in school with those PTA fundraisers is never easy. Who has time to bake three dozen cookies, or make t-shirts, or hit up friends and neighbors to buy wrapping paper? Fortunately, one PTA caught on to this and sent students home with the most brilliant fundraising letter ever. Check it out!


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