Happy Labor Day from The Morning Thing – 9/7/15


Happy Labor Day from The Morning Thing!
This morning, we shared some history behind this holiday.
Click HERE to read more about why we celebrate this holiday.


It is also a BIG day for Ohio State University football fans.
The Buckeyes kick off their season tonight. They play at Virginia Tech tonight at 8pm.
We share the Girl’s Guide to football. Ladies – you no longer have to stay on the sidelines!
Click HERE for a great football glossary.
You can learn football “lingo” and be ready to be part of the conversation tonight.
Click HERE for a handy guide to really understanding the game – from scoring to how the clock works.


We also shared some BIG news for a local actress.
Luna Moreland is participating in a contest to play the American Girl, Julie Albright, in a movie! Click HERE to hear a conversation about how Luna got involved with this contest.
To vote, click HERE. The deadline is Noon on Tuesday, 9/8/15. You will need to click on the picture of JULIE and then create an account on Tongal. It is free! Luna says “thank you” for your vote.
Here is a link to Luna’s video audition.


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