Artist News – The Morning Thing 8/21/2015

Today on The Morning Thing we talked about the artists we play on our station! We shared some information about their music, about their lives, and some upcoming tours and albums!

Three of our lovely ladies are pregnant!!! Congratulations to Francesca Battistelli, Kari Jobe, and Jodi King from Love and the Outcome on their announcements and future additions to their families 🙂

We also have artists coming out with new albums! Rend Collective comes out with their new album “As Family We Go” TODAY! Sidewalk Prophets new album “Something Different” comes out on Friday the 28th of August, and Building 429 comes out with their new album “Unashamed” on September 25th! We are excited for lots more new music!

For our What’s Trending segment, we talked about how the Mars Rover has managed to take a ‘selfie’ of itself!


The Mars Rover uses a robotic arm as a ‘selfie stick’ to capture this dramatic image of its surroundings on the Red Planet. You can learn more about that here.

We also shared our Fav Five for the week!!

Back to school has been happening for most people and is an exciting time of year!
Here are our 5 favorite things about going back to school:
1. Getting to see old friends, and having the chance to make new ones! Friends are so important and it’s always a lot of fun to have the opportunity to include them in different aspects of our lives.

2. New stationary! I don’t know about you, but getting new stationary is always so exciting and makes us feel super organized and neat. Also, there are so many different types of stationary and different patterned notebooks to choose from that everybody can still be unique in their options.

3. The chance to learn new things and new classes! If you get to choose some of the classes you get to take, it’s very exciting to be learning something that you’re passionate about and will want to apply to every aspect of your life. Even if there are classes you don’t get to choose, they can still be applicable and actually help turn us into well rounded people.

4.  A fresh start! It’s the beginning of a new year so it’s the chance to start over. Whether you have goals and things you want to achieve with a new school year, or whether you just want to try something different, the new school year is the time to do it!

5. Extra-curricular activities. Not only does going back to school mean learning and furthering our education, it also means we have the opportunity to be a part of a sport, a music team, a band, a drama club, student mentor and leadership opportunities etc. It gives us the chance to participate in something that gives us character and enhances our personality, plus they’re always pretty fun!

And! Congratulations to our Birthday Winner of the week – Jean Whittington! She wins a 7-inch cake from the Ferrari Baking Company! And congrats to our Anniversary winner of the week – Paul and Alice Evans! They win an 8×10 color portrait courtesy of Seavolt’s Studios! Have a wonderful day!


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