National Radio Day! – The Morning Thing 8/20/15

It’s National Radio Day!! So to celebrate, we went back to the origins of WNZR and talked about how this radio station started.

After 4 years of applications and waiting, WNZR finally went on air in the fall semester of 1986, and transmitted 100 watts from a 300 ft tower. With 20 DJs in the original program, they really carved the pathway for what WNZR is today. Our very own Marcy Rinehart was a broadcasting student from 1987-1991, and she took on the position of Station Manager in 1996!

Not only did the original program focus on the music, the students were also able to get their feet wet in terms of sports! They had the opportunity to do play-by-play and commentaries of MVNC sporting events, which was a great foundation for what we are able to do now at WNZR.TV!

We thank each and every single person for their support, for their gifts, for their love and encouragement, for their prayers, and for enabling us to stay on the air after all these years. We couldn’t do it without you, so we really thank you for all that you do for us! Here’s to the future, and to the more possibilities and opportunities for our station!


This is 90.9FM WNZR, The more you listen, the more you hear.


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