Back to School Scripture Encouragement and Overcoming Smartphone Addiction

It’s the start of school for many families, and with that comes a lot of nerves, fears, tension, and stress. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by it all, but as in every difficult situation in life we can always turn to Scripture for encouragement. Today on the show we shared several Bible verses that can particularly help when it comes to back to school. You can check out the entire list HERE, including ones that we didn’t share on the air.

Are you addicted to your smartphone? A recent survey from Time of 5,000 people from 8 countries around the world showed that 84% couldn’t live one day without their smartphones. Let’s face it, it can be incredibly easy to get caught up in the over-connectivity of our day and age. HERE is a six-step program from the Washington Post to help overcome smartphone addiction that we we shared this morning.

And once again, good luck to Mount Vernon City Schools as they get started today! We hope the school year goes great for you guys!

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