Back To School Eating Tips and Overcoming those Jitters – The Morning Thing 8/18/15

This morning on The Morning Thing, we talked about healthy back to school eating tips.

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, especially for waking children up and getting their brains active and engaged in class, and so eating a healthy and filling meal is very important for that brain activation.

Sugary breakfast cereals, white-flour pancakes and syrup will leave your child hungry and tired half way through the morning. Good examples are whole grain cereals topped with yogurt and sliced bananas, a breakfast smoothie made with milk, fruit and a teaspoon of bran, or an egg with a slice of whole grain toast with nut butter, a piece of fruit and a glass of low-fat milk. Tofu and lean meat are also good choices at breakfast. Protein, and fiber from whole grains, will keep your child satisfied until lunch time.

Eating a healthy lunch will also help to keep your child’s mind sharp and ready for their afternoon classes. School cafeterias try to provide nutritious lunches along with offerings of fast foods. You can teach your kids the importance of eating right. With your help they could choose salads and vegetables instead of french fries, and water instead of soda. Another option is to send lunch with your kids. Hearty soups, salads, fruits, and sandwiches with whole grains can all be packed in insulated containers to stay hot or cold.

For more tips and for some healthy lunch ideas, click here.

We also talked about overcoming those back to school jitters. Prepare your child for the new routine, meet the teacher, talk to your child about what school will be like, and allow your child to be needy the first couple of days. Also, going through your child’s schedule and physically walking through their schedule by going class to class before school starts, can alleviate some of that nervousness of getting lost or confused at a new school. For the full article, click here



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