National Thrift Store Day – The Morning Thing 8/17/2015

Today is National Thrift Store day, so to celebrate we talked about some of the craziest Thrift Store finds!

Imagine finding an exercise guide that allows you to train and stretch with your cat! Count me in!

What about a giant floral tie? Or an old bowling alley computer? A furry scale? And a surprised monkey looking at himself in a mirror? All sorts of crazy thrift store finds!

cat flexing cat painting floral tie furry scale bowling alley computermonkey

Along with crazy thrift store finds, we also shared some smart thrift store shopping finds that people often miss. Some of those include tools and goods with lifetime warranties, maternity and infant clothing, great art and picture frames, and maybe even some signed books! You can see the full list and descriptions here.

We also recapped the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival where we talked with the Knox Idol winners Lauren Cagle, Megan Zaborski, and the Donut Eating competition winner Kevin Peterson.

You can hear our conversations with Lauren and Megan here, and with Kevin here.


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