PTLIF – Praise the Lord it’s FRIDAY! The Morning Thing 8/14/15

The Morning Thing wrapped up Back to School week by talking about the STRESS that comes with this transition. 
Click HERE to read some tips on how to handle the Back to School blues.
Here is another great article on dealing with Back to School stress. Click HERE.


The Morning Thing  Fave 5 for the week of 8/10/15:

The Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival is this week in downtown Mount Vernon.
Here are our 5 favorite events at the festival this year:

  1. The annual Dan Emmett Flower Show. This year’s theme is “The Trees of Knox County”. You can see these amazing artistic designs at The Living Center, 201 North Main St., Mount Vernon.
  2. Local performers! Over the 4 days, the festival will have over 700 people performing. 75% of the performers are 18 years of age and younger. 93 – 95% are from Knox County! Knox County – we applaud your talent!
  3. FOOD! We love getting another chance to enjoy festival food as summer winds down. Some of our favorites include: the Kiwanis Chicken Barbeque, the Exchange Club famous 2 inch pork chop and sno-cones from the Mental Health Association. YUMMY!!
  4. History! This is the 28th annual Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival. One of our favorite things to see in downtown Mount Vernon is the Woodward Opera House. Stop by the southwest corner of South Main and Vine Streets to see this 19th century theater and find out the progress of the renovations. The Dan Emmett Bell this year celebrates the 160th anniversary of the Knox County Courthouse. We also celebrate Dan Emmett’s 200th birthday at this year’s festival.
  5. The family atmosphere. The Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival brings family and friends together to make lifelong memories. Don’t forget to “see” some of these memories on the WNZR page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will see pictures from numerous activities from the festival, PLUS see pictures from our special WNZR Photo Booth.

We also shared some conversations with Dan Emmett Festival Committee members.
Click HERE to hear Joe Bell talk about the arts and crafts trade show and all that is happening on Main Street.
Click HERE to hear Jerry Scott share information about the Dan Emmett Bell Auction that will be held on the Main Stage at 8pm on Saturday.
Click HERE to hear Ben Staats talk about Sunday’s Antique and Classic Car Show.


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