The Morning Thing celebrates National Picnic Month and the Ohio Sales Tax Holiday Weekend – 8/7/15

What are you doing this weekend?
The Morning Thing suggests a picnic and tax-free shopping!!


It is National Picnic Month. Here are 4 great ideas for picnic locations and menus. Let us know if you try any of these simple recipes.


It is also a Sales Tax Holiday in Ohio. Do you know what that means? Check out this Fact Page about the restrictions and find out how to save money this weekend!

We also featured our August Presidential Update with MVNU President, Dr. Henry Spaulding. Click HERE to hear the conversation about what is happening at 800 Martinsburg Road in Mount Vernon.

Our Morning Thing Fave 5 combines National Picnic Month and National Romance Month.
Here is our list of Five Ultimate Romantic Picnic Destinations in the World.
1. On a beach in Hawaii at sunset – Hukilau Beach – Marcy


2. Cappadocia, Turkey. If you have a sunrise picnic, you are surrounded by Hot Air Balloons.


3. Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre


4. The banks of the river Seine in Paris – Wesley

paris on the banks

5. On Waiheke Island, on a nice grassy area overlooking the beach under a Pohutakawa Tree – Annabelle

New Zealand


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