What’s that smell? Deodorant and Brunch!


Despite the fact that Back-to-School advertisements are out in full force it is still the peak of summer. August is one of the sunniest and hottest months, after all. This means many things- vacations to the beach, ice cream, tanning… and grilling and sweating. Granted, grilling and sweating typically aren’t two things that are talked about in tandem, but that is exactly what we did on the show this morning. Well, grilling and deodorant at least.

Do you apply your deodorant in the morning? Research shows that this might not actually be the best method. Applying it at night might actually make the bigger difference. Want to know why? It’s all right here. We also shared some other interesting facts about deodorant. Why? It’s an $18 billion a year industry and something most of us use every day- but if you check out the facts we shared you’ll learn that not everyone has to do that.

When it comes to grilling we usually think about dinner. But what about brunch? Turns out you can mix things up and throw your brunch on the griddle. Check out all the recipes that we shared this morning here.

And perhaps you decide to have a little coffee with your brunch. Perhaps it’s still a little early and you’re not paying attention and the next thing you know… OH NO! The coffee has spilled and now you’re facing the daunting task of cleaning up the stain. Or is it so daunting? Here are the tips we found for getting coffee stains out of just about anything!


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