Elf Gardens, Our Secret Parking Place, and Conversations with Champions – The Morning Thing 7/30/15

All week we have been sharing Fantastic Finds at the Knox County Fair.

Today, we talked about the best place to park at the Knox County Fair! Sometimes parking can be chaotic and sometimes a little far away, but if you come in the back entrance of the fair – off of McKenzie RD, turn left up Perimeter Drive, and then left again up the hill, then you might just save yourself from some parking nightmares.

We also talked about one of Annabelle’s fair finds – the Elf Garden in the flower show building! It was made by Dan Behr and won First Place in the show, and is a little garden in a flower pot, that has tiny fairy like features.


You can hear both of these stories here:

Today is the Sale of Champions!

In preparation for today’s event, we had the opportunity to talk with Alivia Elliott who was the Reserve Champion in the Dairy Market Feeder category. You can hear her story here:


And we talked with Jacob VanSlyke who was the Grand Champion in the Rabbits category. You can hear our conversation with him here: 

We hope that you have a wonderful day!


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