Merry Christmas!…In July!

Merry Christmas! No, you didn’t sleep for five months and wake up in December. No, we didn’t accidentally mistake the date on the calendar. And no, we aren’t adding to the over-commercialization of Christmas by starting the music before Thanksgiving. Way before Thanksgiving. The reason we are wishing you a Merry Christmas and why we played nothing but Christmas songs on the show this morning is because tomorrow is Christmas in July to benefit Interchurch Social Services!

Christmas in July is an awesome day when collection points are set up all around Knox County for people to donate food and money to help a great organization. To learn more about Interchurch, check out their website here:

We also had the privilege of chatting with the director of Interchurch, Joy Harris, about Christmas in July. You can hear the entire conversation here: and to learn more about Christmas in July, including all the collection points across the county, go here:

And we finished our conversations with the cast of MTV Arts production of Mary Poppins today. We chatted with David and Taryn, who are playing Mr. and Mrs. Banks in the show. You can hear the entire conversation here:


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