Selling Stuff Online and Eating Healthy at Fairs: A few tips


Let’s be honest, we all could stand to clean out our homes with a well-timed garage sale every now and then. But sometimes we not only don’t have the time to host a full scale garage sale for the entire neighborhood to visit, we also may not have the location to do it either. For those of us living in apartments or condos garage sales are a luxury for getting rid of stuff that we cannot partake in. That’s why on the Morning Thing today we turned to some advice form for tips on “How to Have a Garage Sale Without the Garage.” There are a lot of ways that you can make the most of the internet for turning a profit. But don’t forget that you can also donate some items. And truthfully, the trash can is a better location than the internet or local Goodwill for some of the stuff we’ve all got lying around. At any rate, you can find all the tips that we shared right here:


We’re also full swing into Festival Season right now. That means we can enjoy rides, music, chances to win with WNZR (check out On the Road With Big Blue on, and, of course, fair food. Listing off food items at the local fair makes one sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump- “There’s fried twinkies, fried candy bars, fried cheese, fried buckeyes, fried oreos, fried vegetables, fried cookie dough…” You name it and it will be fried at some point this summer. Add in all the sugar from the drinks and non-fried foods and you’ve got a rather intimidating calorie count. But it’s all so delicious!

That’s why we shared a few tips about how you can still enjoy the fair and the food at it, without going overboard and ending the day crying for penance on your treadmill. Check out the link below for the entire list. And remember the Golden Rule of Fair Food that we established on the show today: Limit and Share!


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