The Top Destination for Every State in the U.S.

This time of the year one can’t help but think about taking a nice vacation. But it can be tricky to find the right location. Where are the most enjoyable places? Where are the most unique and interesting? And are they good for kids?

If you are asking some of these questions, and even if you’re just curious about finding some new places to visit, you’re in luck. We on the Morning Thing found a comprehensive list- the one thing you must do in every single state. All 50 of them. Including Washington, DC. We got through most of them on the show this morning, but we wanted to share the complete list with you. It’s quite the mix, from fishing in Minnesota to walking the Freedom Trail in Boston, Massachusetts. And yes, the list is for kids too, with locations including a children’s museum and the number one zoo in the world.

So check it out! You’ll learn some great new places that you never would have known about otherwise. And if you go be sure to let us know how your experience was!


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