Are you ready for Father’s Day? The Morning Thing 6/19/15


Father’s Day is Sunday! Are you ready???!!!

Don’t worry, The Morning Thing found some unique gift ideas for Dad.
Our favorite is the portable briefcase BBQ grill. Burgers anyone??

We also shared our Fave 5 for the week of 6/15/15.

Here are our 5 favorite things about our Dads.

1. Wesley loves the example that his Dad has set for him and his family. He has shown Wesley what it means to truly be a man after God’s own heart. His Dad has also shown him how to love and respect those around him.

2. Annabelle loves that her Dad is very supportive and appreciates how he has always been there and encouraged her through all her dreams, goals and endeavors.

3. Miriam loves the work ethic that her Dad has shown throughout her life. She loves his ability to have fun and be spontaneous in any situation. He has always treated Miriam as his little princess and showered her with love and care.

4. Marcy’s Dad is her spiritual hero and mentor. She loves the godly example that her Dad sets for the entire family (including great grandchildren). She also loves her Dad’s love for life. Marcy’s Dad can find a positive silver lining in any situation, even if everyone else focuses on the negative.

5. We all love our Heavenly Father! We love that our God is constant, loving, merciful and forgiving. We love the care and guidance that He provides to our daily lives. Our true desire is to serve Him.

Happy Father’s Day from the Big Blue Crew at WNZR!

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