Come join us at the Danville Howard Turkey Festival!

top10-turkey-tips-940x626We went On The Road With Big Blue at the Danville Howard Turkey Festival last night, and we will continue broadcasting tonight, tomorrow night, and on Saturday night! If you are going to be there, make sure to come by and see us 🙂 We would love to see you!

Congratulations to the Little Miss and Mister Turkey Contest Winners – Madysen Cochran and Corey Doyle.

For their contest, they had to create a poster with a turkey, show their best turkey impression, and tell what name they would give to a pet turkey. You can hear our chat with them after they were crowned winners!

This morning on The Morning Thing, we also talked about the app Jott that has been taking high schoolers and middle schoolers by storm across the country. It’s a messaging app that allows students within a closed network set up within their school to message one another without the need of wifi, or a data connection. It uses the phones bluetooth connection and the network allows one another to send messages to someone up to 100 ft from them. Is this a good app, or a bad app? It could distract students from their learning if not controlled properly, also students don’t need other peoples numbers to message them, because everyone is connected to the network via their social media. That means that anyone within the same network could contact anyone else in that network.

Here is the article that we read from to gain insight and information to this app:


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