Want to save time and money? The Morning Thing 6/12/15

You don’t always need a fancy product to fix your hair or nails. Some of the best solutions are already in your home.

coffee filter blotter

Check out this list of 23 beauty solutions using common household items. 

Congratulations to our weekly winners!

Our birthday winner this week is Jessica Beeman of Fredericktown. Jessica’s birthday was Wednesday 6/10. She wins a 7 inch birthday cake from Ferrari Baking Company.
Our anniversary winning couple this week is Jared and Rachel Young of Centerburg. The Youngs celebrated their 4th anniversary on Thursday 6/11. Congratulations Rachel and Jared, you win an 8 X 10 color portrait from Seavolt’s Studios!

Get your special day registered, click here.

We also shared our Morning Thing Fave 5 – It’s Superman Day.


Here are our 5 favorite Superman powers (that we wish we had).
1. Flying – We all wish that we could try this type of transportation.
2. Incredible strength – We would love to be able to lift cars, furniture and anything else that gets in our way.
3. Speed – This would help us get our to do list done a lot faster!
4. Telescopic and Microscopic Vision – We could find anything that we have lost!
5. Superhuman Intelligence – Superman has a flawless, eidetic Memory of everything he has ever seen, read, heard, or otherwise experienced. Um…why wouldn’t you want this superpower??!! We could be a walking encyclopedia!

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