Family, table manners and ice cream – The Morning Thing 6/11/15

We talked about table manners for gentlemen, surprising benefits of ice cream and the upcoming Relay for Life event.
We also had the chance to meet Annabelle’s family – the Harrays from New Zealand!

15 Table Manner Rules for Gentlemen
From Ella Bing
Sharing a meal with someone is still one of the last intimate frontiers for the average man.

Doing it right can pay dividends in your personal and business life. Here is a list of the top rules for table manners if you want to be considered a gentleman at the dinner table.

  1. This one might come to a shock to the millennials out there. But turn your cell phone to silent, or better yet, off. There is nothing ruder than sitting on your phone while at the dinner table. Especially while on a date.
  1. If you are dinning with a lovely partner, be sure to pull out their chair so they can be seated first.
  1. After sitting down, put your napkin in your lap, ASAP.
  1. When placed with multiple eating utensils, don’t fret, it’s simple, start from the outside and work your way towards your plate. Here are a few more details about this topic.
  • Smallest fork: eating seafood
  • Next smallest fork: for eating salad
  • Biggest fork: save this for dinner
  • Small spoon: for coffee
  • Big spoon: for soup
  1. You might want to wait and assess the table to determine if grace will be said. Nothing is worse than catching yourself with a mouth full of food, while everyone is bowing their heads.
  1. For goodness’ sake, keep your elbows off the table!
  1. Mind your manners and always say please when requesting a dish be handed to you.
  1. Please do not attempt to taste everyone’s food at the table. The exception would be a good dinner among good friends and family, in this situation it is okay to request a taste of another’s entree.
  1. When bread is on the table, and you want butter, place a pat of butter on your roll plate and pass the butter onward. When buttering your bread, slice or break off a small piece at a time and butter individually. Repeat.
  1. Do not eat too fast. Eating too fast will not allow for good conversation. To make things easier, simply match the pace of your dinning companions.
  1. This should be an obvious no brainer. Please do not chew with your mouth open.
  1. If you have a mustache or man-beard, you probably already know this, but attempt to avoid getting food in your hair.
  1. Hair in your food is never pleasant. Let’s be honest. If you are dinning at a restaurant, kindly let the waiter know, without raising a fuss. If at a friend’s home, quietly and inconspicuously remove it.
  2. Before taking the last portion of food from a dish. Kindly ask if anyone else at the table would like some before you take the lead.
  1. This one should be a “well-duh” But please do not bring up unappetizing stories at the table.

About Ella Bing: Ella Bing is a family owned business ( specializing in both cloth and wood bow ties as well as other male fashion and lifestyle accessories. The company was founded after the loss of a brother and son, Matthew Kraus. The Kraus family honors Matthew’s spirit, infectious personality and love of fashion with handmade custom bow ties, much like Matthew himself would have worn. Matthew lives on in timeless style via Ella Bing and his family. The work is centered on quality, presentation, attention to detail and customer service. What’s more, 10% of every sale goes to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. This is the handcrafted gift that keeps on giving.

For more information on Ella Bing and this line visit:

Surprising benefits of ICE CREAM – the wonderful summer treat!
ice cream

We had a chance to meet Helen and Wayne Harray – Annabelle’s parents from New Zealand!

The Harray Family

It was fun to share stories with them about their country and their plans for traveling. They plan to visit 11 countries in the next 6 months, seeking out ministry opportunities for their church membership. Pray for them as they journey through the U.S. and many other countries.

We also shared some information about the Knox County Relay for Life.
It is coming up next Friday 6/19/15. We talked with Donna Strosnider, Media Team Leader.
Here are some notes from our conversation.

1. What can you tell us about the purple ribbons that are hung around the square and down South Main Street?
Purple is the official color of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.
Each year communities prepare for Relay For Life by holding “Paint the town Purple” events.  Paint the town Purples is a great way to raise awareness about Relay For Life in our community.

2. You’ve talked about Relay For Life with us before but for listeners that don’t know “What is Relay For Life”?
It is the American Cancer Society’s national signature activity. It brings together teams of families and friends from local companies, schools, clubs and organizations to walk around a track in relay fashion.  More than 4 million people around the world come together to Celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, Remember loved ones lost and empower individuals and communities to Fight Back against a disease that takes too much.

3. Why do you do this?
We Relay to Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back by raising money.  Now we are here to finish the fight.

4. How much do you raise at the event?
The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Knox County has a 2015 goal of $261,991.00.  Last year we raised $262,974.88 blowing our 2014 goal out of the water.

5. Where does the money go?
Support of the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life is making a difference in the lives of millions of cancer survivors and their families across the country.  All proceeds raised from the event is used for cancer research, education, prevention and patient service programs such as helping pay for lodging at an American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, helping cancer patients get to and from treatments through the Road to Recovery program and other programs; for more details your listeners can contact the American Cancer Society at or 1-800-227-2345.

6. Where and when does the event take place?
Next Friday June 19th we’ll meet at the Mount Vernon High School Football Field and Track kicking off our Opening Ceremony at 6:00pm followed by a victory lap for all our attending cancer survivors. The Opening if always a very moving and touching ceremony that tends to pull at your heart strings.

7. How many people will be there?
There are 22 teams so far but we are hoping by the 19th that will grow to 32; we currently have 237 participants signed up. It’s not too late to join us in the fight against cancer.  This event is open to the public and is very family oriented and child friendly; in fact there will be a Bouncy House again this year.  It is always a major hit with the children and expected to be just as popular again this year.

8. What types of activities will you have for the public?
You can expect to see a Corn Hole Tournament, Cake Walk, Ice Cream Eating Contest, and a frozen T-Shirt contest however For a full list of Entertainment and activities please check out our Knox County web page at  But, my favorite part of the event is our Luminaria Ceremony that takes place at 10pm – the lights around the track are turned off and hundreds of candles are lit in memory of cancer patients that have lost their fight and also in celebration of our cancer survivors.  It is very moving and spectacular all at the same time.  Any of your listeners that have never attended should come and see what we are all about.  There will be activities throughout the night until Noon on Saturday June 20th when the “Fight Back” ceremony begins – the total funds raised is announced and awards are presented to individuals and teams; closing the event at 1:00.

9. Where can listeners get more information about the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life.
No matter who you are; we can help.  Call 1-800-227-2345 anytime – day or night – or visit  Having cancer is hard, finding help shouldn’t be.  I know because I’m a 26 year cancer survivor.

10. Is there anything else you want us to know about this year’s Relay?
Our Knox County event has received national recognition for the last 5 years; something we are all very proud of.  So again, for more information call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345 or check out their website at and please come join us next Friday night.


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