PTLIF – Praise the Lord, it’s FRIDAY! The Morning Thing 5/29/15


The Morning Thing celebrates every Friday with PRIZES!

Congratulations to our birthday winner this week – Rhonda Young from Bellville! Rhonda celebrated her birthday on Monday, 5/25. She wins a 7 inch birthday cake from Ferrari Baking Company in Mount Vernon.

Congratulations to Sarah and Chris Alverson from Fredericktown – our winning anniversary couple this week! The Alversons celebrated their 4th anniversary on Thursday, 5/28. Sarah and Chris win an 8 X 10 color portrait from Seavolt’s Studios.

Get your special day registered HERE.

Another Friday feature is our Morning Thing Fave 5. 

Today, we shared our 5 favorite encouraging messages from social media.

  1. “I think my job is to make the grace of an invisible God, visible, wherever I am.” – Paul Tripp
  2. “By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.” – Edwin Elliot
  3. “Do small things, with great love.” – Anonymous from Pinterest
  4. “God isn’t an option, He’s a necessity!” –
  5. “Go and chase your dreams…you won’t regret it. Anything can happen, if you let it.” – Mary Poppins

Looking for a sweet treat to try this weekend?
Try making No-Churn ice cream at home.

No churn ice cream

Once you make the base, you can add in your favorite toppings or create a unique treat with your favorite candy.

We also shared information about a wonderful Christian ministry, Voice of the Martyrs. We talked with Trish Kent about their new ministry outreach called “Kids of Courage”.

Click HERE to hear the interview.

Fridays also gives us a chance to debut NEW MUSIC!


Today, you heard the NEW song from Hillsong United. It is called “Touch the Sky”.
Check out the story behind this song.

Here is a link to the lyric video.

Let us know what YOU think of the song.


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