The top 5 reasons we love Mom, 7 Astonishing Animal Moms, plus birthday and anniversary winners – The Morning Thing 5/8/15

mom-doing-puzzle-with-daughterWe wrapped up Moms Week by sharing a special Morning Thing Fave 5 – the top 5 reasons why we LOVE our Moms!

Our Fave 5 this week is dedicated to our Mothers this week. These are the top 5 reasons we LOVE our Moms.

  1. Wesley Boston loves the lessons his Mom taught him and the example that she has lived out for him. She has shown him what it means to live as a good person and has shown him what a woman of God looks like. She has always supported Wesley and always been very intentional about showing that she loves him.
  2. Faith Orecchio loves her Mom because she is always putting others before herself. She is the most selfless person that Faith knows. Her devotion to God and others has inspired Faith throughout her life and will continue to inspire her throughout her future. Faith thanks her Mom for always being there for her and being her best friend!
  3. Jenna Pott’s favorite thing about her Mom is that no matter what is going on she can call her and her Mom will give great advice. Jenna says that she can’t begin to count that amount of times that she has been stressed and exhausted and just needed to talk to someone and her Mom was more than willing to listen. She puts up with her every mood from happiness and excitement to anger and frustration. Jenna says that her Mom is the best!
  4. Marcy Rinehart thanks her Mom for the many sacrifices that she has made for the family. She is consistently seeking to serve her children, even when they don’t deserve it. Her love and support is always there and her loving advice is always just a phone call away. Marcy thanks her Mom for giving all 5 Street kids a living example of what it means to be a servant leader. Her Mom’s example is now impacting the third generation of Street kids!
  5. We all can list numerous reasons why we “love” our Moms. She carried us, delivered us and continues to take care of us, even into adulthood. It is hard to even put into words how much Mom means to us. So this weekend, we will try to SHOW our love in simplistic ways – flowers, cards, phone calls and special greetings. Mom, please know that our intention on your special day is to honor YOU! We LOVE you Mom! We hope that you know how special you. Thank you for the many sacrifices you have made for us! Thank you for being a wonderful example of God’s love here on earth. Thank you for loving us through any and all circumstances. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

We also talked about 7 Astonishing Animal Moms. Moms are AMAZING, even in the animal world. Check out these really cute videos!–543168457.html#7-astonishing-animal-moms-who–543168457.html

We also announced our special winners this week.
Congratulations to Aspen Snow – our birthday winner of the week. Aspen wins a 7 inch birthday cake from Ferrari Baking Company. Aspen’s birthday was 4/23.
Congratulations to Betsy and Scott Campbell – our winning Anniversary couple this week. The Campbells celebrated their 24th anniversary on 5/3. The Campbells win a color 8 X 10 portrait from Seavolt’s Studios.
Get your special day registered at—anniversaries.html


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