How to Increase Your Influence by: Phil Cooke and MVNU Update with Dr. Spaulding

Increase Your Influence
We need influence to share our message, impact the world and share our creativity.

1. Start with where you are
Decide who you can and need to influence.

2. Know your strengths
What are you really good at doing?

4. Don’t give up too soon
People who influence others know that rejections are just tools for helping them perfect their ideas.

5. Think “content”
Creativity and execution isn’t a guarantee of success but it’s the greatest step you can take.

MVNU Update with Dr. Henry Spaulding

We had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Spaulding the President of Mount Vernon Nazarene University about future events on MVNU’s calendar. He also talked about graduation and the memories that stand out to him from the 2014-2015 school year. Dr. Spaulding shares some advice with the class of 2015. Hear the full conversation by clicking the link below!


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