Are you wearing blue today? The Morning Thing – Wednesday, 4/8/15

It’s Wear Blue to Work Day!
Here is a message we shared this morning from Knox County Children Services.

Knox County Children Services is excited to be a part of this year’s state-wide campaign called “Wear Blue to Work” day! As part of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month in April, we are hoping to get countywide participation for this event from local businesses and citizens. To participate, we ask that you encourage your staff to wear blue on Wednesday April 8, 2015. We also ask that you take photos of your staff that we can share on the Facebook page, in local news stories and also with the state wide campaign.

Photos should meet the following specifications:
• We are looking for no less than 2-3 people in each photo
• No action shots, just people looking right at the camera
• If your camera has an option to set resolution, make sure it is high or 300 dpi (most digital cameras will do just fine!).
Photos should be sent to Aimee Frye at
If you are on Facebook and haven’t done so already, please become a fan of Ohio’s Wear Blue to Work page at:
Thank You again for wearing blue and making the difference in the life of a child!
Local Partners include: Knox County Family and Children First Council, United Way of Knox County, Village of Fredericktown, Knox County Commissioners, City of Mount Vernon and ECR.

Have you seen the Pinwheels for Prevention display? Here is more information about why those pinwheels are SO important!

In April, many counties throughout Ohio will be displaying children’s pinwheels in front of courthouses, playgrounds, libraries, parks and other locations. Each pinwheel represents the voice of someone who advocated for children in 2014.

The Pinwheels for Prevention campaign provides a very dramatic way of showing the public that child abuse and neglect occurs in every community. It also encourages communities to focus on prevention as part of an overall plan to break the cycle of abuse.

This year, Knox County Children Services will be displaying 524 pinwheels representing those who advocated for child abuse and neglect prevention in 2014 at the following locations through April:
April 6 – April 10 – ECR Harcourt Road
April 13 – April 17 – Village of Fredericktown Public Square
April 20 – 30 – City of Mount Vernon Coshocton Road

2015 Pinwheel Partners: Knox County Commissioners, United Way of Knox County, ECR, Knox County Department of Job and Family Services, City of Mount Vernon, Village of Fredericktown & Family & Children First Council.
Knox County Children Services 740-392-KIDS

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