A look at The Morning Thing for the week of 3/23/2015

We are starting a new tradition for The Morning Thing Blog. Every Friday, we will post a list of topics that we covered for the past week. We will provide links to the articles and information that we share weekday mornings from 6-9.
Our hope is that when you have some free time, that you will go through this list of topics and dig a little deeper to find helpful and encouraging information for you and your family. It is our passion and desire to provide you with fun and inspiration that will strengthen YOU and your family every weekday morning as you start your day. Thanks for listening! We’ll see you Monday at 6am!

The Morning Thing Agenda for 3/23 – 3/27/15

The Morning Thing is a GREAT way to start your day, every weekday from 6 to 9am! Join Marcy Rinehart and her Morning Thing team from 6 – 9am each weekday morning. 

Marcy shares the WNZR studios with Faith Orecchio, Wesley Boston and Jenna Potts!

We have some special features to get your day started!

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On Monday – Marcy and Jenna talked about the new mandatory use of area codes in Ohio.Many of you have experienced the new “dialing pains” this week. Here is a link to all the information on this change in using our phones.


We celebrated OK Day and how this word became popular in our everyday language.

Plus, it was a Get Healthy Monday. Here are some Get Healthy tips from the Knox County Health Department.

If you have been trying to make an effort to get healthy, but you feel you have too many bad habits – try to develop some good habits. According to the people who study stuff like this – it takes about 66 days to form a good habit.  Checking your cell phone every time you receive a text or turning on the TV every time you sit down, are all examples of habits we pick up easily, because of their immediate payoffs.  However, when we are trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise every day –  it’s harder because there is no immediate reward. If you want to create positive behavior, you need to start with Tiny Habits… and that can be done with three tiny steps.

First   START SMALL – Pick something to do that is so tiny, you’ll think it’s ridiculous.  For example, when watching TV, stand up every time there’s a commercial…decide to do 2-3 push-ups or sit-ups  every day…eat at least one more vegetable or piece of fruit every day.  Because it’s radically easy, you’re more likely to actually complete the behavior, regardless of how much or how little motivation you feel.

Second – FIND AN ANCHOR – Choose an existing routine to act as a trigger for your new behavior. Every time you take a shower – do 5 stand up push ups- … or …try doing 2-3  sit-ups while lying in bed ….when you are waiting for the microwave, do some stretches.

Third – CELEBRATE IMMEDIATELY –Reward yourself in a positive way that is as small as your tiny behaviors. Give yourself a pat on the back….allow yourself to feel successful. Not only do small celebrations reinforce desired behavior, but they also create “tiny thrills.” That’s part of the habit-building momentum – allowing the success to be larger than it should be, then growing and leveraging that attitude into bigger things. There’s a snowball effect: When you achieve a goal by integrating simple daily habits into your life, no matter how small, you gain a confidence that helps pave the way to reach bigger goals.

Whatever healthy thing you decide to do – whether it’s something small like doing sit-ups while lying in bed–  or something big like joining a gym – do it today…. it’s Get Healthy Monday.

On Tuesday – Marcy and Wesley talked about Spring Cleaning! They walked you through the house and shared a cleaning checklist for each room. Here are a few tips to help you tackle the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.



Spring Cleaning check lists:

On Wednesday – Marcy and Faith talked about the list of baby names that are on the verge of extinction. They also shared the list of the most popular baby names of 2014. They also shared some tricks on how to get more organized in just 60 seconds!




On Thursday – Jenna and Wesley shared an amazing story that will have thousands of people wearing yellow on Friday, 3/27. Click here and find out why.

They also talked about how and why you should become a lifelong learner.

On Friday – We always celebrate PTLIF – Praise the Lord, It’s Friday!
How safe is it to use a public Wi-Fi network? Click here and find out how to keep yourself and your technology safe.

We also shared a conversation about the new movie, Beyond the Mask. Marcy talked with Director, Chad Burns and Producer, Aaron Burns from Burns Family Studios. Find out more about this movie and get tickets at http://beyondthemaskmovie.com/home
The movie IS coming to Premiere Theatre in Mount Vernon. It is a ONE time showing on Monday, 4/6 at 3pm.

Hear Marcy’s interview here. https://soundcloud.com/wnzr/beyond-the-mask-full-interview-on-the-mt

Have a GREAT weekend.
Remember that The Morning Thing is a GREAT way to start your day. Every weekday morning from 6-9am.


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