Remembering the Best Christmas Gift of All

It is officially Christmas time! Everywhere I look I am reminded of the holiday season. The stores are covered in Christmas everything. Radio stations play all the best Christmas music, and ABC Family is running their “25 Days of Christmas.” There are fires in the fireplaces, and the snow has fallen! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

One of my favorite parts about the Christmas season is listening to Christmas music. Though I am not someone who listens to Christmas music year round, I definitely overdo it during the holidays. Right now my favorite Christmas song is “Baby Boy.” (Not just because for King and Country sings it, either.) For me, “Baby Boy” is a reminder about the true meaning of Christmas.

A few days ago I was out shopping with some friends and there was no denying the Christmas season. Everywhere I looked there were Christmas decorations, cookies, wrapping paper, ribbons, gift ideas, toy Santa Clauses, Christmas cards, reindeer, lights, sales, and everything else that comes with the holiday season. Walking through the store, I began to think about our society and how we view Christmas. I realized that we have become so wrapped up in the material side of Christmas that we have forgotten the first Christmas.

After leaving the store, I turned on the radio, and “Baby Boy” was playing. I could not help but smile and praise God. For King and County captured the true meaning of Christmas. Their lyrics paint the picture of the first Christmas, the night a small child was born to save the world. God did not send his son through a great show of power and fanfare. Instead, Jesus was born in a stable. This humble birth brought our King and Savior into the world.

Referring to “Baby Boy” Joel of for King and Country, said, “I think sometimes we forget that a little bit. We forget who He really was. We see the mangers and all that and forget how He came. He came as a little boy in the most humble and simple way, and the most extraordinary way, all at the same time. Nobody who is a King comes so humbly. That’s incredible. We need to remember Him well, and remember who He was and who He is and not just what makes us feel good or what society or the media tells us about Christmas.”

“Baby Boy” is a reminder that God did not send His only son to live in a palace surrounded by comfort and riches. Instead, He came into this world just like you and me. He was born, and he grew up. He experienced the realities of life. He saw good days and bad days; He had family and friends. He walked the earth with sinners and yet, He was sinless. Fully human and completely God, this baby boy is our hope and our joy. Jesus is the Savior of the world and the reason for the Christmas season.

I encourage you to remind others of God’s love and the true meaning of Christmas. This year we all have our own struggles and obstacles to overcome. But, as Christians we have the advantage of “a baby boy who won the war” on our side. This perfect baby boy came to our imperfect world to bring us joy, hope, and eternal life through God. So Rejoice! We have already been given the ultimate gift.


If you told me all about your sorrows
I’d tell you ’bout a cure
If you told me you can’t fight the battle
There’s a baby boy who won the war
The war was won by a baby boy


We can sing it
Heaven’s ringing
Endless hope, relentless joy
Started with a baby boy

Oh before that silent night
No savior and no Jesus Christ
The world cried out so desperately
And a baby boy was the reply
Yes, heaven’s reply was a baby boy


See the King is coming down
And He’s here without a crown
The baby boy without a bed
Giving life back to the dead

Hear the angels shout it out
As the people come and bow
Unexpected majesty
Alleluia, what a king

(Chorus) x2

Jenna Potts

Co-host of the Morning Thing


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