Finding value on the soccer field

By Faith Orecchio
Student Co-Host of The Morning Thing

While playing soccer at Mount Vernon Nazarene University I learn a lot about my faith. I have amazing coaches that know who we play for and treat our team as a ministry. Their persistent encouragement and uplifting attitudes help shape me into the the player and person that I want to be.

Even with the positive atmosphere it’s hard not to find my value in soccer. Sometimes when I don’t play well or get as much playing time as I would like, I get angry. I feel like I must not be good enough. Instead of looking for the positives, I focus on every negative I can find. I focus on all the “bad” things that aren’t going my way and weighing my worth through them. I become frustrated and that affects my attitude for games and practices. Sometimes I forget why I play because all my focus is on why I don’t. Instead I should focus on the blessing God gave me. He gave me athletic ability to play soccer and not only do I play; I have the opportunity to play in college, where very little athletes get to participate. I get to be a part of a team and play soccer every day. There is no reason for complaining.

Success and a happy life should not be measured by money, cars, or how well I play in a soccer game. Our purpose is to live a life for God. So we should find our value in Him, because we are made perfect in His image and are His children. We will have a great, happy, and successful life when we give it all to God. He doesn’t love us because we have a great job or we are the best player on the team. He also doesn’t stop loving us when we lose a job or get a bad grade on a test. He sees us for who we are – the good and the bad, and He wants all of it. He wants to love us unconditionally and we have to remember that.

Nothing we do or not do is going to change the way God loves us. He loves so much that He sent His one and only son to die on the cross for our sins. We have to find our identity in Jesus because in this life where everything changes and there is sorrow and hatred He is everlasting and full of love.

Faith Orecchio is a sophomore at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She plays the position of center midfielder on the MVNU Women’s Soccer Team. The Lady Cougars finished the season with 13 wins, 5 losses and 1 tie. The Cougars finished 6-3 in the Crossroads League.


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