Meet Steve King – new co-host of The Morning Thing


(Steve King and Jayme McMillan at the 2011 Food For The Hungry Drive)

I’m Steve King!  You’re new co-host on the Morning Thing!  I’m from a little town in New York called Owego.  I’m a senior this year, and I plan on graduating in May.  I figure, since we’re going to be hanging out a couple mornings a week, we might as well get to know each other!  Here’s my story…

It’s funny, actually, when I think back to where I was just three years ago, a freshman year music major here at MVNU.  Not once did I ever consider that I would be a co-host on the Morning Thing!  I went from a music education major, to youth ministry, to business, until I finally found my home in Radio/Video Broadcasting, late my sophomore year.  From there it all seemed to fall into place so easily.  I started like any other student would, with practice shifts upon practice shifts in the hope to get the chance to actually DJ on the FM!  I did get my chance on FM, and I enjoyed doing shifts on weekdays as well as weekends. 

When Marcy announced this past Fall semester that there would be an opening on the Morning Thing, I jumped at the opportunity!  Lo and behold, here I am!  It’s only been a couple mornings thus far, but I’m learning quickly and it’s going great!  The only real difficulty I have is being up at 6am, being the night owl I am!  Thank you so much for welcoming me in so kindly, and I look forward to a great rest of the year!


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