There was an earthquake yesterday?

The Morning Thing has been taking calls all morning, asking where you were when the earthquake happened in Mt. Vernon. We’ve had tons of calls ranging from people feeling small vibrations to all out shaking of tables and chairs. In fact, one listener’s grandson thought the shaking was a herd of elephants stampeding down the street. The strange thing is………we didn’t feel it. Neither Marcy or myself felt the shaking yesterday and that may be an even stranger feeling than the earthquake itself. How could so many people feel the shaking, and we didn’t feel anything? I thought the answer was simple…….the earthquake obviously wasn’t felt on my side of town…..right?

WRONG.   A listener  who felt it called in, and she was a only few hundred yards down the road. So what is wrong with me? The blame falls on a little television show called Star Trek.

There I was sitting on my couch, eating cheese puffs, while the whole town felt an earthquake. I knew that I had a hard time focusing on much else while watching my show but missing an earthquake proves how oblivious TV can make me.

Marcy on the other hand was out shopping for some back to school supplies and she felt nothing either. So for her, the urge to save some money with back to school sales made her oblivous as well. So our new question is “What were you doing when you didn’t feel the earthquake?”  You can leave your answer in the comments section : )  

-Jayme and Marcy


One thought on “There was an earthquake yesterday?

  1. Jayme's dad says:

    We didn’t feel anything either (in Alabama). As a matter of fact, we didn’t know anything about it until we saw the reports on the evening news.

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