A Whole New World…

Good news! Kevin made it safely to Brazil! Here he is to tell the tale…

The Brazil trip has been a year and half in the planning with its fair share of ups and downs and close calls. All of us on the trip were preparing for the trip of a lifetime, and now we’re actually here. To finally see all the work that we put into the trip come to fruition gave a sense of completion to a long awaited end. However, this is just the beginning. Plane rides are not one of my favorite things in the world, and the flight to Brazil was ten hours long. Everyone around me was speaking Portuguese and everything was in a blur due to the Dramamine flowing through my system. I fell asleep to the in flight movie and woke up to a motionless neck that felt like it had been broken in my sleep. All I could do was sit there and think about how the first class people were comfortably reclining in their plush leather seats and sipping on whatever beverage their heart desired. The process of getting off the plane to getting through customs only took about thirty minutes. I was impressed at how quickly we got through and a little scared about how unsafe the whole process seemed.

 Brazilian people are by nature not loud folk. They keep to themselves and quietly converse in their own little groups. There is absolutely nothing hostile or threatening about them at all. But, I still wonder what they think of me as an Americans coming to their country. I tried to be on my best behavior and not make anyone notice me. The city where we are staying, Compinas, is about an hour outside of Sao Paulo. The bus ride was just one more trip where all I could do is sit and wait. In the past twenty four hours I had been on two planes and sat for about sixteen hours. Needless to say I was antsy and couldn’t feel my butt anymore. The last stage of the trip ended when we arrived at Faculdade Nazarena Do Brasi, the place where we will be studying for the three and a half months. If people complain about the facilities and accommodations at their college, they need to stay in the closet that I live in. Two people living in a twelve by twelve room. The two showers are shared by the twelve men on the floor and you can’t flush the toilet paper.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything. None of these things would keep me from discovering God’s purpose for me in Brazil and learning to function in a different culture. I expectantly await the rest of the semester and can’t wait to learn more Portuguese.




One thought on “A Whole New World…

  1. Jennifer & Gideon Brake says:

    we are praying for you Kevin as you are away! Have fun but be safe! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you come back!

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