A Day in the Life

So, you  know how some days never go directly how they are supposed to?

I had one of those days on Wednesday. I woke up late, my car wouldn’t start and everything that would go wrong could go wrong. I was scheduled to work at 3 with nothing to drive to work. So, after I finished my final, I put on my mechanic hat and started to get to the bottom of the issue. I singlehandedly managed to get my car running and took it to an auto parts store to see if I had a bad battery. My diagnosis was correct, and I was pretty proud of myself. I checked my account balance to see if I had enough money to purchase a new battery. Having just bought Christmas presents for some of the people near and dear to me, I didn’t. So I started dialing…

One by one my burdens started lifting. I called my father and he agreed to send me money to purchase the battery. I called my mother for moral support, and she cheered me up. My brother helped out by giving his input on my car diagnosis. I called work to see if anyone could cover my shift. The first person I called agreed to cover my shift so I could focus on my two hardest finals. I was all of the sudden set up for success. I got the money, the nice man installed my battery, and I was good to go.

This is actually just one example of times God has lifted my burden this semester. When I thought that nothing seemed possible and I was doomed for failure, God saved the day. Every time that it has happened, I have stepped back in awe of his work.  I’ve got to give Him the credit that He deserves and so the next time that life gets you down to where you can’t get back up- He’ll help you out.
I hope you continue to have a very happy holiday season. Make sure to spend some extra time loving on your family. After Wednesday’s escapades, I know I will.

Peace and blessings,
Sarah Boston


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