Sarah Boston is thankful to be home

Yay! It’s Thanksgiving! I am so excited to be at home with family for the first time since May. It has been awesome catching up with my mom these past few hours. The best thing about coming home for me is that I feel like absolutely nothing has changed. Sure there’s the latest scandal, but my house still looks like it did when I left, my brother and dad are in West Virginia deer hunting, and the family dog, Baxter, is just as happy to see me. I have a lot of reasons to be thankful, but we have all heard the broken record of things that we are thankful for family, friends, our jobs and the list goes on…
Yes, I realize that it’s not “bad” to be thankful for these things. In fact, I am very, very thankful for them, but I like to look at things differently. So when the family goes around the dinner table stating what they are thankful for this holiday season, I will be the strange one who doesn’t go for the ordinary. 
This year, I am thankful for laughter. Honestly, I feel like sometimes when life is about to drive me crazy, it’s laughter that saves me. I absolutely love to laugh and to make others laugh as well. It seems to be very therapeutic for me. I can laugh at my mistakes as well as others (as long as they let me). I can laugh in the happy times as well as the sad times. God has blessed me with this, and I thank Him for that. 
I encourage you this holiday season to not only take time to be thankful for the ordinary things, but be thankful for the abstract things as well. If it is one thing that I’ve learned throughout life, it is to be happy for the little things and small joys as well as the big ones. 
I hope that you have a very, very VERY happy Thanksgiving with all the trimmings and lots of laughs!
Sarah Boston

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