Labor Day weekend blues

Today is the first day of Labor Day weekend.  Many people left work today super excited about having 4 days off.  They are ready to enjoy the last little bit of summer. I actually saw lots of smiles at each stoplight on my way home today.  It reminded me of Christmas.

I can’t help but think about all the people that WILL work this weekend.  The pizza guy on his way to my house, the grocery checkout girl, the police officer and the DJ.  🙂  Yep – my staff works this weekend and I will work on Monday.  Do I have the blues?  No, not really because I just had a week off for vacation.  Does anyone else have the Labor Day working blues?  I think yes.  You could probably find someone working over the weekend that would rather be sitting in the sun, cooking at the barbeque or hanging out with family or friends.

So…I SALUTE the Labor Day weekend workers!  May your hard work and commitment be honored! May your customers and/or clients be gracious and thankful that you are serving them.  May the tips be large, may the words “thank you” be heard and may the many laborers feel appreciated. 
Now…I am not saying that you should feel guilty if you have 4 days off.  Enjoy it!  But – why should we wait until the first Monday of September to think about “thanking” and “honoring” our laborers?  Let’s learn to say thank you on a regular basis.

Hey – I have to go get a bigger tip.  The pizza guy is here! 🙂
Thanks Bill from Papa Johns!



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