New Experiences: challenge vs. reward

Do you like change?  HA!  Not many people would answer yes.  I’ve been thinking about that crazy word this week.  Two years ago, this week, the Rineharts made a decision to change our lives forever.  We decided to get a dog!  I will never forget the afternoon that we made the call to buy our little Belle.  We were all together downtown at the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival.  Rachel and I had been doing our research for about 2 months.  We needed a non-shedder since we all have allergies.  We wanted a small dog that could go with us to our many events.  We also wanted a dog that would snuggle.  So we found a cute 1.5 pound miniature Yorkie (who is now 3 pounds)! 

She has definintely changed our lives and has given us some new experiences. Some of these new experiences have been challenging, like cleaning up her little “deposits” from the back bedrooms, getting her to eat her own food or teaching her not to bark at everything that moves.  It’s amazing though that through every challenge, there is always a reward.  I LOVE having my little Belle greet me at the door every day when I come home.  It doesn’t matter what has happened during the day or what is waiting for me inside; I know that Belle will be super excited to see me when I walk through the door.  I know that she will be there to show me love.

I wish that I could remember that with each new challenge, there is a reward coming.  Are you like me?  I fight change.  My stomach gets upset, I don’t sleep well and I analyze every possible scenario of a situation.  God is teaching me to rest in His grace and to let Him have control.  In fact, Proverbs 3:5 and 6 are my favorite bible verses.  It’s kind of funny that God would give me a job with constant change – working in an office with the revolving door of college students as my staff members!

So what are the new challenges/experiences coming to your life? 
– a new school year
– a new job
– a new baby
I am facing a new school year with a new student leadership team.  Will you pray for our Leadership Retreat, which is coming 8/19 – 8/22?  Joe and I will take our 10 student leaders away for an intense 4 day planning and spiritual retreat.  WNZR has just come through the experience of a power increase.  You won’t believe how many challenges this project has revealed…..and is still revealing (since our engineer was here yesterday talking about some equipment that is failing).  I am trusting God that the rewards will be revealed in the days to come.  I am also praying that every listener that tunes in to 90.9FM will hear a message of hope and grace.  Proverbs 3:5 & 6 is true – when you trust in God, he will direct and guide your path.

I’m so glad that on a sunny afternoon in August, our family decided to take on a new experience with all its challenges and rewards.  Little Miss Belle Marie Rinehart is a tiny reminder that it’s good to face a new challenge!



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