The Rineharts Arrive in Albany, GA!

We are here! Praise the Lord, after two flights we have arrived in Albany to visit the set of Courageous – the new movie from Sherwood Pictures. We arrived at the Albany airport to smiling faces holding Courageous signs directing us to a big air-conditioned bus. (Thank goodness because it’s 92 degrees)

We are part of a group of media partners and action squad leaders from across the country. We are headed out to dinner at a local barbeque place (Joe says Yummy!) to meet each other and some of the movie cast and crew. We each have a set pass and will get to see the action tomorrow.

At the airport, we got a chance to meet Ken Bevel, who played Lt. Michael Simmons in Fireproof. He was the firefighter that challenged his best friend (Kirk Cameron) to stay true to his marriage vows.
Ken is back for Courgeous playing Nathan Hayes, a Sheriff’s officer with three children: a teenage daughter, a son in grade school, and a toddler, who is played by Ken’s real son.

Courageous will challenge fathers to rise up to be the leaders God calls them to be. Sherwood Church hopes that Courageous will do for fathers what Fireproof did for marriages.

Join us and become a fan of Courageous at

You can also follow the movie on twitter

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